Barney Nolan's B24 from the 487th BG, 8th AF, 

based at Lavenham, Suffolk, England 1944.

'From A Dream to Reality'

May 2015 Duxford

MATTHOLNESS.COM was just a dream until around 2014. An opportunity arose where Matt could finally show and display his moving artwork for all to share and to be a part of this journey into 'his' world of aviation art. Matt has since won multiple awards for his aviation art. Together with his close family, he's built this website and now exhibits at major airshows around the UK. Matt now dedicates this site to his late father who passed away during Christmas 2019. Mick Holness was 'always there for him' during each show to give support, guidance, a good laugh and will be sadly missed by all.



When Matthew Holness came into the world, the good Lord equipped him with a pencil in one hand, a toy airplane in the other. He then threw in an imagination to go with both. Matt, as I know him, has many gifts – he works both in pencil and colour as you will see as you explore the pages ahead.  His output is as prolific as is his gift in conveying a story. One aspect of that story telling that drew me to recognize his talent is the human presence he captures in his work – thus exposing the emotional element in the scenic tale. Matt grew up in the South East of England in what was known during the Battle of Britain “Hell Fire Corner”. Living next to RAF West Malling deep in the Kent countryside all his life, the passion for aviation captured him in boyhood.

Progressing from his early drift into the creation of aviation imagery, Matt association with the London based Guild of Aviation Artists has exhibited his creativity at the annual World Aviation Paintings of the Year Expo held at the Mall Galleries in London. His work is also on display at periodic air shows like Biggin Hill, Dunsfold, Duxford, site of the RAF Imperial War Museum in the UK and annually at Reading, Pennsylvania in the US. I met Matt several years ago, at the air show held at Reading, PA and I have come to regard Matthew Holness as one of the top artists now emerging in the aviation genre of the contemporary era.

On this website, Matt takes us visually on a journey into the air war in Western Europe during World War II, focusing on the RAF, US Army Eighth Air Force and the Luftwaffe. We are exposed to the violence of the combat environment and the aircraft involved as well as the emotional responses of the airmen who suffered through the chaos of aerial warfare.

Bernard T. Nolan Lt Col. USAF (Ret)